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The End is Nigh

September 14th 2011

In a village in the Corbieres hills, east of The Pyrenees, a two year countdown has begun. It is alleged that this countdown will end in Armageddon on 21st December 2012.

The scenario has come from predictions made by the ancient Mayan civilization - and Bugarach, in the Aude department, is at the centre of these prophesies. New arrivals are New Age businesses pushing up property prices and upsetting the locals with their rites.

The village is already awash with would be survivors and New-Age pilgrims and new arrivals setting up new age businesses are pushing up property prices and upsetting the locals with their rights. The 4,000ft Pic de Bugarach, an outcrop of rock which has inspired legends since the Middle Ages has even attracted the attention of Jules Verne, Steven Spielberg and others.

The Mayor Jean Pierre Delord, is so concerned about the "chaos" that he fears will result says that "it might be necessary to call in the military to control the crowds".

Deputy mayor Gilbert Cros, said that pilgrims had replaced hikers on the peak, which "gives us a bad image"

According to Doomsday websites, many aliens have been sighted and some say that a huge metal space-craft, ready to transport the chosen few to safety, lies under the mountain. In the village, homes have been set up in tepees and yurts.

A nineteen year-old sari clad woman, Mareva, reported to a radio station: "I feel something very strong, as if nature is telling us a lot of things here".

Police crowd control is being planned. George Fenech, head of Miviludes, the state agency tracking dangerous cults, states that Bugarach and the "apocalypse movement" is being studied closely.

The Times 23.12.2010